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There are three fundamental elements a trader must have to succeed in forex trading. They are a reliable forex broker, a suitable strategy and the right trading attitude. We talked about the best forex brokers before. Today, we focus on building the best forex trading strategy for you

Forex trading strategies to maximize your protests.

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If you’re new to forex trading, you have to read:

Best forex strategy

Swing trading

Swing is a trading style, especially for forex and stock trading. Swing traders will rely on medium-term market changes to make a difference. Imagine a swing. Imagine a swing. You’ll see it constantly going up and down.
Swing traders benefit from up-down movements to protest.
Swing traders often combine technical analysis and fundamental analysis for entering and exiting orders. That’s very different from other styles. Since Scalpers and Day traders are mainly interested in technical signals, traders use basic analysis to make their investment decisions.

Swing traders follow market news regularly to identify medium-term trends. Once the medium-term trend has been established, they often use the trend channel to trade. They will buy for the bull market at support levels and close orders at resistance levels. Instead, they sell at resistance and close the support level for the market to decrease.

In general, swing trading is less risky than other styles. This is the style of experienced traders, you can say. They are calm enough not to get involved in everyday transactions. This is also a more comfortable and efficient trading strategy than scalping and day trading.

Price Action trading

Price Action (PA) is a method of trading that uses only price data based skills, without indicators, news or analysis. Price Action This method is also known as naked trade, because the trader uses only one chart.
Price Action uses indicators not. Traders need to know how to “read” and supporting global market prices.
All liquidity markets offer price changes over time frames. These data are shown on the chart as a price metric.

Position trading

Position Trading is a trading way which last for from weeks to months and hopes that the market will pursue the long-term trend towards gaining major protest.
Because of the nature of the search for major trends, traders only trade in large timeframes.
They want to avoid possible oversights and randomness of the day and never deal with news unless news has a long-term impact or changes to the original position of the cause. Most traders operate on the market very little. Most of them enter not more than 10 orders per year.

They rarely watch charts and only use charts weekly or monthly.
The trading of positions is not similar to Swing. Swing Traders only aim to protube the medium-term waves, while Position Traders focus on the long-term trends. Swing Trader may hold orders between several days and several weeks, and a position trader will last for several months.

Like other traders, position traders are forced to trade because this is the easiest way of protesting. They’re doing very few orders. The volume will be slightly higher than normal for each order. It can account for up to 5 percent per order.
Position trading with Buy and Hold should not be confused. Buy and Hold is a strategy that takes several years even longer than Position Trading. It’s more about investment than business and it’s easy to lose a lot if the market falls into a long downturn. The position trading is different, they leave when the trend is detected and are short in a downward trend.

50 pips a day strategy

This trade strategy is based on the early movement of high liquidity currency pairs. The two best currency pairs are GBP/USD and EUR/USD to use this trading strategy. Instantly after the candle ends at 7 am GMT, traders may place two pending orders opposite each other. The other is cancelled when either position is triggered by price action.

The amount of 50 pipes is your goal. The stop loss order should be between 5 and 10 pipes. Let the market do the rest with your trade after placing the order. If the order is successful, you can hold rallies at the rate of 1:5 to 1:10, otherwise you’ll lose a small percentage if the order is a loss order. Please handle the risk closely before entering the order because the loss can hardly be compensated by placing an order with too big volume compared to the account.

Day trading strategy

Most professional forex traders prefer the daily trading time frame. The daily signals are less disturbed and allow traders time to think and take the most accurate decisions.
The long-term safety potential of daily structure trading can be huge with more reliable trade signals. You absolutely cannot care about random changes in daily prices and short-term news with daily schedules. This trading strategy is introduced as part of three important factors:

Positioning the trend

The first rule is to identify the market trend. The 180-period average is an effective way of assessing price trends. You can identify the main price trend of the current market using this indicator


Successful daily trading requires you to be patient because there is only 1 tree every day with this time frame, so a price is set. If necessary, you must remain outside the market and make sure your capital is ready to take the opportunity.

Lower leverage and bigger stop loss

The market will have several random waves to hit your stop loss threshold.
Move the stop-loss threshold to help protect your trade after resistance.

What is forex trading strategy?

When forex traders mention forex trading strategies, the basic analysis and how this is to be established is what they mean. This is only a small part of a full picture, however. A renewable forex trading strategy which provides everything from trading signals to placing orders, but which also includes many other things:

  • Order size
  • Risk management
  • Exit strategies

You may have heard that it’s very important to maintain discipline in forex trading. Do you have any doubts about this? How can you ensure that you verify your discipline in trade? The truth is that you have to be disciplined in trade to become a portable trader in the long run.

It is not certain to be disciplined that you will be a pro, but it is almost certain that you will fail in that competitive and risky trading career without discipline. Therefore, discipline is the best way to trade for you, follow everything you set, even if it is not possible to prove it to you. Please adapt then one day you will become effective on the forex market, not far from your trading method.

Analyzing forex trading strategies

Fundamental analysis is a method for analyzing the exchange-rate factors, instantly identifying the core issues of strong market volatility and supporting information/pressure on the market in order to continue the trend… PTCB always keep records of the news of the day so you should bookmark the NEW site to update new information regularly. Variable market.

Unlike with the FA, technical analysis might not have to focus on micro- and macro-news or economic policies of large countries, but only on signs on price charts and on calendar analysis. History and next move forecast. Technical analysis with indicators is a tool to support the application, so programmers write the application in my (met quote) language, which is quite complex and generally indicators are used to average the data.

Future prices predict past. Similar to statistical probability and econometrics, data from the prior period show an increasing trend, the average price in the coming period can be approx. or the “real” value calculated via the lines. The moving average, the moving average, supposed the average price was 150 pipes per day, but now the breakup is sharply higher than 300 pipes. The changing averages help to assess the true value, which improves protuberance.

How to build forex trading strategies

This is very important to help readers understand the market and know when to participate by combining basic knowledge and technical analysis to establish a trading rules called Trading Systems. Market, avoid jumping into unpredictable variables and a system of trading rules that give conditions to consider whether the market currently saturates some these conditions, then join trading, if not outside, there is a famous proverb “if you don’t know what to do now, it’s best not to do anything,” not each time you’re able to trade,

Forex trading tips Use forex indicators

Forex indicators are programmers or a piece of MQ4 (Met quote) codes written in the professional language. Traders can convert ideas and strategies into transactions using this language. You will create indicators or trading bots that can automatically trade for you. The principal task of forex indicators is to monitor the market to predict whether or not price is going to continue with current trends. Based on indicator signals, traders can use acceptable entry points. They can also know when not to act. Defense is also an unnecessary loss avoidance strategy.

Use the best trading platforms

The trading platform generally allows companies to execute Forex manual transactions with a broker.
You often need a stable internet to work properly and it usually runs on Windows operating systems if you need to download the software.

Adding to the trading platform these same functionalities, including that of the ability to manage multiple accounts, graph functionality and the ability to test back.

A few of the world’s most famous and common trading platforms:

  1. Exness MT4 platform
  2. Exness MT5 platform
  3. Exness Social Trading platform

Use the best trading apps

Forex iPhone and Android applications have recently become popular. These tools make it easy for forex traders to access real-time information, analyses data currencies or place trades every where anytime.
You can download iPhone and Android apps in app stores, iPhone apps for iPhones, iPads and Macs, but while Android apps can be used on all devices. Operating system Android support.
IPhone apps can be downloaded from Google Play’s App Store and Android apps.

Change your forex trading strategy?

While a consistent trading strategy is a good thing, will you set yourself a backup strategy when your strategy is broken?
This is the time to change, rather to stick to the wrong strategies. Understand the failure of Strategy A. Try to create another trade in a way that breaks the trading strategy.

The data parameters change constantly, so you tend to make many mistakes if you use outdated data.
When you attempt to break the strategy, you have to create a new strategy that addresses the market conditions immediately. This means that you need to have 2-3 trade strategies at least. If Strategy A fails, we will deal with Strategy B etc.

Instead of for to a time frame, test multi-time structure strategies. Usually, I tend to back test the system on every timeframe rather than back test on a timeframe, and then leave the system.
The tested multi-time structure strategy will help you to achieve the best time frame for this strategy.

Final Word

Building strategies for forex trading can be fun. You can try different things to see which one is best for you. But the best way is to track the daily news and implement the best strategy for that day.