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How To Have A Growth Mindset For Forex Trading

Winning Traders Are Constantly Learning And Improving Their Trading Skills

Losing traders often go no further than learning the basics of trading Forex and then learning a strategy or two for trading.

The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

Michael Jordan is the greatest player in the game of basketball. (His statue, “Best there ever was, best there ever will be,” is inscribed outside the United Center in Chicago.) But he continued to work on improving and expanding his skills even after being recognized as the greatest player in the game.

They Find Mentors

Winning traders are self-confident, but typically not guilty of the original “pride” sin. They freely admit that they don’t know everything about trading that they need to know. And they look eagerly for other traders to learn. In fact, virtually every “market wizard” attributes to trading mentors who taught them priceless lessons along the way to becoming a winning trader a part of their success.

They Practice Good Risk Management

When it comes to managing their risk and managing their trading capital, winning traders are very disciplined and this is critical to their success.

Discipline – More specifically, self-discipline and focus are two significant characteristics that are deeply entrenched in winning traders’ habits.

Do the things necessary to be a winning trader, such as constantly learning more about trading, keeping a trading journal, and practicing solid risk management, the things that distinguish them from losing traders.

Do you want to know the secret to becoming a professional trader and a winner? Just begin to act like one.