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The 15 Min scalping strategy is a forex trading strategy and is used for gain with short-term time frames. With the passage of time, this gained profit is added to the other amounts of trading. This helps traders with the increment of their profit.

15 Minute Scalping Strategy

This 15 Min Scalping Strategy basically allows its users to trade at a specified time frame, such as one minute, five minute, or 15 minute time frame. This can be directly used for a 15-minute time frame. The usage of the frames is the choice of the trader and investor.

Forex 15 Min Scalping Strategy PDF

As we know, there are one to three time frames, like the 1 minute time frame, the five minute time frame, and the fifteen minute time frame. All the time frames are good for trading.

The one minute and five minute time frames are very common in their use, but most traders or investors support the 15 minute time frame for their market trading. So it can be said that the 15-minute time frame is best for trading while you are using this 15-Minute Scalping Strategy.

When to Buy:

There are basically two conditions for that shows the buy signals.

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First condition:

The first condition of the buy occurs when the lines cross over to each other with a different range. When the blue line crosses the red line in an upward direction in the oversold zone, then it creates a clear buy signal. If this condition is fully observed by the trader, then he should know that there is a buy signal.

Second condition

The second buy condition is met when the blue line goes up from 50 range to 120 range pressure. When the line reaches 120, then the line becomes purple.

Stochastic Settings for 15 Minute Chart

When to sell:

There are also 2 conditions that tells that when the sell signal occurs.

15 Minute Scalping Strategy

First condition:

The first condition of the sell occurs when the lines cross over to each other with a different range in the downside direction. When the blue line crosses the red line in the downside direction at the 80 level, then it creates a clear sell signal. If this condition is fully observed by the trader, then he should know that there is a sell signal. The line moves down from the 80 level.

Second condition

The second sell condition is met when the blue line goes down from 50 to 120 range pressure.

When to exit:

Two distinct scenarios suggest that traders should exist as a result of the trade.

When the blue line of the indicator crosses the red line in the opposite direction in the zone of overbought or oversold, then the trader should take an exit from the trade.

When the orange line of the indicator in the chart crosses the purple line from 50 to 120 range in the bottom upward direction, then the exit signal occurs. So the trader should exit it and take a profit.

15 Min Scalping Candlestick Strategy

The 15-Minute Scalping Strategy is basically used for short-term time frames. The main focus of this strategy is on short-term time frame trades. There are also many advantages to this time frame. The trader can trade in a short period of time rather than over a long period of time.There is no wait for long-term trade decisions. The trader does not have any concern with long-term price rate estimations. In this case, only short-term results require attention.

This is a simple and easy trading strategy that is used for a day trade, or we can say for intraday trading. The 15 Min Scalping Strategy gives profit in a short time. This provides a facility for traders that they can use for daily trading.

Hedging Strategy

The 15 Min Scalping Strategy tells the traders that the targeted trading is compatible with this short-term timeframe trading strategy. This is a time-consuming trading strategy that is only best for short-term time frames. Long-term trading strategies are highly risky strategies as compared to the trading strategies that are designed for long-term trading strategies.

This article is designed for traders and investors that want to improve their trading results in a short time. There is no confusion and a long time taking decisions.

Best Moving Average for 15 Min Chart

The Advantages of a 15-Minute Scalping Strategy

The major benefit of using the 15-Minute Scalping Strategy is that after the result of the trade, the trader can take an exit from the market. There is no need for a long-term time stay in the market for trading. So this also saves money from becoming a victim of loss. Because if the trader stays a long time in the market for trading, there are chances that the trader can lose and take risk compared to gaining profit.

Disadvantages of the 15-Minute Scalping Strategy

There are also some disadvantages to the 15-Minute Scalping Strategy. This is the law of nature that says everything is not perfect. If something has too many advantages, then this is a must. It may be that thing has some disadvantages. So the main disadvantage of this strategy is that it is expensive to use because it involves high commissions, fees, and other risk requirements.

This 15-Minute Scalping Strategy can be used with any currency pair that is used for trading in the market. Any market can use it for trading, such as forex, stocks, and other markets. This is a forex trading strategy that is also used to know the total exit and coming entries in the market. This strategy can only use RSI indicators for its result generation.

Download 15 Min Scalping Strategy MT4/MT5

There is no need to use expensive or complex indicators. If a trader has great experience with this 15-Minute Scalping Strategy, then this is much more beneficial for gaining profit in a short time. So do practise and earn a profit. This is the best way and it provides a key to the traders that they can make money with a short-term investment. A small investment can give a big profit to the investor.


  1. What timeframe is best for scalping?

      one minute to fifteen minutes
    Scalpers usually work within very small timeframes of one minute to 15 minutes. However, the one-or two-minute timeframes tend to be preferred among scalpers. To execute this strategy, you must choose a highly liquid currency pair, and then you can open an account with us.

  2. Which moving average is best for 15 min chart?

    The 20 EMA is the best moving average to use in the 15-minute charts because the price follows it most accurately during multi-day trends. In other words, you can easily identify the trend from there.

  3. How long do scalpers hold positions?

    While scalping attempts to capture small gains, such as 5 to 20 pips per trade, the profit on these trades can be magnified by increasing the position size. Forex scalpers will typically hold trades for as little as seconds to minutes at a time, and open and close multiple positions within a single day.

  4. Which indicator is best for 15 min chart?

    The best indicator to use on a 15-minute chart for optimum profits is the combination of the Supertrend indicator, the 5 EMA, and the 20 EMA. A supertrend indicator is pretty similar to moving averages in the sense that it is plotted on price and can determine the current market price trends.