Bitcoin crosses $55k as craze for crypto reaches new heights

Bitcoin has been making new highs daily, and finally, it has crossed the $55k mark. This price point was being speculated for a long time now, and the coin was finally reached it. Reports suggested that if the coin can sustain above the $55k price, it might act as a support and push Bitcoin through […]

How to Trade Forex News

There is a steady supply of financial and economic news every single day of the Forex trading week (Monday to Friday). Many news outlets, such as Reuters or Bloomberg, offer breaking news up-to-the-minute, which leaves many traders and investors for hours on end glued to their computer screens. The sheer volume of news articles can […]

Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)

In the foreign exchange market, the decision of the Federal Open Market Committee ( FOMC) on interest rates is the most powerful, and when market news gives traders an opportunity to make money. The discount rate or federal funds rate is set by the FOMC and because interest rates are set higher to attract foreign […]

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What is NFP and How to Trade It?

The most significant forex trading session of the month is often the non-farm payroll report, or NFP. The month can end in black for those who trade well on this day, while the unfortunate merchants may lose their luck. We share information and information about the US NFP report in this article, including what the […]