4 Things Forex Newbies Usually Say in Trading Forums

One of the best things about joining forums is to interact with many other forex trading enthusiasts. And if you have been on the trading scene for a while, you begin to see common issues and concerns across different topics. I am dedicating a post today to the most common trade problems I see in […]

4 Tips On Setting Up A Forex Trading Station

Instead of passively holding the position and hoping to profit from what is happening, you should learn how to play the forex market and have a chance to make money. One of the ways to get started is by looking for an appropriate platform and set up a trading room. Select a platform that suits […]

Two tips to focus on your forex trading success

It is a business, not a hobby, to trade in financial markets. Trading in the markets is not a hobby if you are an experienced Forex trader, you know from your past failures and experiences, and it should be considered as a company with a proper forex trading plan, journal and mindset. The mindset is […]

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4 Steps To Stay Focused On Forex Trading

Especially when you trade day in and day out, Forex trading can often be taxing. Distractions can often cloud the judgment of the day trader at some stage of fatigue. The biggest challenge for forex traders, for the most part, is to stay focused. This is even more significant , particularly when a trader has […]