Technical Analysis

Types of Forex Market Analysis [Ultimate Guide]

In forex, there are three main types of analysis in the forex market that traders use to inform their trading decisions: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis. What is Fundamental analysis Fundamental analysis involves studying the underlying economic and political factors that can affect the supply and demand of a currency. This type of […]

Price Action Trading- 7 Things to Consider Before Placing a Trade

Price Action Trading? Yes, price action forms the basis of technical analysis and helps you in timing entries and exits better without relying on news or opinions. Many short-term traders mainly rely on price action and the formations and trends that help them make trading decisions. Price action can be analysed using charts that plot […]

Forex Fundamental Analysis; Everything You Need to Know

In today’s era, forex trading is not a new thing and it has gained a great deal of popularity overThe past couple of years. Forex, also called Foreign Exchange, is an organised and organised exchange.The global market has been circulating where you can trade all the currencies around the world. In addition, the forex market […]

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