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In a recent ruling, a bankruptcy judge in the United States has ordered that $44 million worth of cryptocurrency be returned to customers of Celsius Network. The funds were seized by the US government earlier this year as part of a crackdown on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Bankruptcy judge orders $44M

The ruling comes as a relief to many Celsius customers who were unable to access their funds for several months. The judge ruled that the funds were not subject to forfeiture and should be returned to their rightful owners.

The case has sparked a debate about the legal status of cryptocurrency and the rights of its holders. Some argue that the ruling sets a precedent for the protection of crypto assets in bankruptcy cases. Others argue that the decision was made in error and that the US government should have the authority to seize crypto assets as part of its enforcement efforts.

Regardless of the legal implications, the ruling is good news for Celsius customers who will now be able to access their funds. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of holding crypto assets in a secure and reputable wallet or exchange.