How To Trade support and resistance Levels

Traders cannot imagine how a trading without support and resistance levels would be possible. These levels determine the extent to which the currency pair will be traded and trigger rapid price movements. Let’s give a brief definition of these two words. Resistance levels are the highest levels, which are quite difficult for a currency pair […]

What does a Trading Day Looks Like

Interested in becoming a financial market trader? Then you should be aware that day trading is one of the most widely used types of financial market trading strategy. Although day trading strategies are used by many advanced traders, most beginners can easily master a wide range of day trading strategies. Continue reading to learn more […]

Tips on Setting stop loss

In trading, when the market throws us a curve ball, we tend to focus a lot more on where we expect the market to go and give enough thought to what to do. To be realistic about it, it’s a common practice among traders: treating stop losses almost as an afterthought. At some point, however, […]

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Can anybody trade in the Forex markets?

The simple answer is yes, as long as they have access to the Internet and are prepared to learn Forex! It’s easier than ever to explore the markets today. You will be able to trade if you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You don’t need any previous experience or financial qualifications-if they put in […]