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Half Trend Indicator

Best non repainting Forex BUY and Sell signals indicator For MT4 Half Trend Indicator Live arrow-based entry and exit signals with trend identifier

Half Trend is a mt4 (MetaTrader 4) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits.

Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator Overview

Half Trend Buy Sell MT4 Indicator is the best trend following indicator, which provides the online forex traders with accurate trend direction. This non-repainting Metatrader 4 indicator gives live forex BUY and SELL signals with an arrow. The half-trend Metatrader indicator also provides the best exit signals.

The half-trend MT4 indicator uses moving averages to calculate accurate signals. As a trend-following indicator, online forex traders can apply it to any time frame to trade intraday successfully. As the indicator provides live entry and exit arrow signals with no repainting, forex traders consider it the best trend trading tool.

Additionally, the half trend Metatrader 4 indicator indicates the trend strength. In the absence of a trend, the indicator stays flat. However, if there is a trend, then the indicator slopes in that direction. The steeper slope indicates the presence of a strong trend. During a strong uptrend, the indicator turns blue with a steep upward slope. On the other hand, during a strong downtrend, the indicator turns red with a steep downward slope.

Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator Setting

Half Trend Buy Sell Indicator Setting

Amplitude: A higher value provides better signals; however, the number of signals will be lower.

showbars: This shows the trend bars.

ShowArrows: Shows signal arrows. BLUE arrows for BUY signals and a RED arrow for SELL signals.

alertsOn: Turns On the MT4 alerts.

alertsOnCurrent: True-Alert signals are in the current candle. False—Alerts upon candle close.

alertsMessage: Displays the alert message.

alertsSound: Provides sound alerts.

alertsEmail: Emails the MT4 alert message.

How to Use Half Trend Indicator

Using the Half Trend Indicator is very easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Indicator

The first step is to download the Half Trend Indicator and install it on your MT4 platform.

Step 2: Apply the Indicator to the Chart

After installing the Half Trend Indicator, apply it to the chart that you want to trade.

Step 3: Interpret the Indicator

The Half Trend Indicator will plot a line on the chart. A blue line indicates an uptrend, while a red line indicates a downtrend.

Step 4: Enter and Exit Trades

Traders can use the Half Trend Indicator to enter and exit trades. Buy when the blue line appears, and sell when the red line appears.

Benefits of Half Trend Indicator

The Half Trend Indicator has the following benefits:

Trend Identification

The Half Trend Indicator helps traders identify trends in the market. This is crucial for making profitable trades.

Easy to Use

The Half Trend Indicator is very easy to use. Traders can use it without any special skills or knowledge.


The Half Trend Indicator is customizable. Traders can adjust the settings to suit their trading style.

Compatible with MT4

The Half Trend Indicator is compatible with the popular MT4 trading platform.


Half Trend Indicator is a powerful tool that helps traders identify trends in the market. It is easy to use, highly accurate, customizable, and compatible with MT4. By using the Half Trend Indicator, traders can improve their trading performance and make profitable trades.

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