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The Trading Pit Review 2023

The Trading Pit is a proprietary trading firm that offers traders a chance to become successful partners of the firm. the firm has a low entry threshold and favorable cooperation conditions. To become a funded trader, you must first pass a challenge to demonstrate your trading skills and discipline.

Upon successful completion of the challenge, you are rewarded with a 50% up to 80% profit split on your future payouts. The Trading Pit enjoys an overwhelmingly positive review on Trustpilot, with a rating of 4.8/5.  Clients commend the company for its speedy payouts, valuable trading tools, and flexible funding options.

The Trading Pit offers four types of accounts: The Lite, Standard, Executive, and VIP. The firm has extensive trading tools, including CME Heat map, webinars, educational videos, and a glossary.

While The Trading Pit doesn’t offer unlimited financial instruments, it plans to add stock and crypto trading shortly. The Trading Pit is an excellent choice for traders looking to take their trading skills to the next level

What is The Trading Pit?

The Trading Pit is a prop trading firm

The Trading Pit is a prop trading firm that seeks to unlock the potential of talented traders by offering them a unique platform for demonstrating their trading skills and propelling them towards becoming successful traders. They are known for their straight forward trading rules and extensive range of trading instruments, which make trading on the platform both flexible and profitable.

Who Founded The Trading Pit?

Who Founded The Trading Pit

Trading Pit, co-founded by seasoned trader Christoph Radecker, has recently appointed Thomas Heyden as CEO. Heyden, who has a strong background in futures trading, is bullish on the prop trading firm’s growth and global impact. Trading Pit is poised to make waves in the trading industry under Radecker’s direction and Heyden’s leadership.

How Does The Trading Pit Work?

The Trading Pit use a challenge-based structure in which traders have to first show their trading skills and risk management ability through an evaluation phase. The challenge is divided into three levels: “Lite,” “Standard,” and “Executive,” and it is the first step in beginning a proprietary trading experience with The Trading Pit.

Each tier has its own account balance, profit target, and profit share, so traders can select the one that best suits their trading style. Traders enter the prop trading phase after successfully completing the challenge phase, where they can grow their accounts and enjoy fast payouts.

The Trading Pit Drawdown Rules and Profit Share

To protect their investment, The Trading Pit uses a Daily Drawdown and Maximum Drawdown rule, which provides a clear measure of risk management. The Maximum Drawdown is the maximum allowable loss from the highest point of a trader’s account balance, whereas the Daily Drawdown is the maximum loss a trader can incur in a day.

When it comes to profit sharing, the Trading Pit offers a highly competitive split, with up to 80% profit share available. As the trader advances and their account grows, they gain access to higher levels of profit share, which is a significant incentive for profitable traders. Click here to see the highest-paying prop firms.

Who is The Trading Pit Best For?

The Trading Pit caters to a wide range of traders, from novice to experienced. However, it’s particularly appealing to the following groups:

  • Profitable Traders:  The Trading Pit provides an excellent opportunity for those who have already achieved consistent profitability in the markets to increase their earning potential. This platform is appealing due to its high profit split and quick withdrawal of profits.
  • Experienced Traders: The Trading Pit provides the tools and resources needed to maximise profitability for those who are well-versed in futures markets and other financial instruments. The multiple challenge tiers provide an exciting path to increasing their trading activities and profit share.
  • Novice Traders: The Trading Pit provides a unique learning environment for those new to the financial markets. The evaluation phase, along with the guidance of the customer support team, provides an opportunity to improve trading skills while minimising risk.

Why Choose The Trading Pit?

The Trading Pit offers unique features that set it apart from other prop trading firms:

  • Variety of Financial Instruments: Traders can use a wide range of trading instruments to diversify their market strategies and gain exposure to various market conditions.
  • Unique Challenge Tiers: The one-step challenge with varying tiers allows traders to select a level suitable to their trading skills and risk tolerance.
  • High Profit Split: The opportunity to receive up to an 80% profit share is highly competitive in the industry and extremely rewarding for successful traders.

The Trading Pit Tradable Assets

At The Trading Pit, you can trade futures, forex, and combos, but they have exciting plans to expand to stocks and cryptos shortly.

The Trading Pit Pros & Cons

The Trading Pit is a proprietary trading firm that offers traders a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Here are some pros and cons of The Trading Pit based on various reviews


  • Manage as much as $1,000,000
  • Access to the most popular trading platforms
  • Extensive trading tools
  • Flexible funding options
  • One-step challenge program
  • Relaxed and straightforward trading rules
  • Excellent conditions for a big pool of individuals with unique trading styles
  • High rating on TrustPilot


  • Limited profit split at first
  • No Discord community
  • Customer service may be slow
  • Must complete an evaluation challenge to become a funded trader

What are The Account Options available at The Trading Pit

 The Trading Pit offers multiple account options to cater to traders from diverse backgrounds. The firm offers four types of accounts: Lite, Standard, Executive, and VIP. The Lite account has a balance of $2,500, while the Standard account offers a challenge account balance of $5,000. The Executive and VIP accounts have higher balances, and traders can manage up to $1,000,000 with the scaling plan. The Trading Pit’s one-step challenge programme has different profit targets and drawdown rules depending on the initial account size you are trading on Upon successful completion of the challenge, traders are rewarded with a 50% to 80% profit split on their future payouts.

The Trading Pit Payout proof

The Trading Pit is a proprietary trading firm founded in February 2022.

Traders can request a withdrawal from The Trading Pit once they reach funded status and hit their first 8% or 10% profit target, allowing them to receive a payout as well as account scaling. They have no time constraints on profit targets once an individual is funded. Traders are entitled to profit splits ranging from 50% to 80%, depending on the size of their account and the level of scaling they have achieved.

Below are two examples of payment proof: Get Started

The Trading Pit Payout proof
The Trading Pit Payout proof

My Personal Experience with The Trading Pit

I highly recommend The Trading Pit as someone with extensive prop trading experience. When compared to other firms, TTP stands out for its low pricing, simple trading rules, and diverse funding options, making it simple for even novices to get started. Regardless of their trading style or strategies, successful traders can get funded quickly. As a funded trader, you can earn larger account balances and receive payments more quickly.

I do, however, have some suggestions for improvement. I’d like to see higher pay for traders from the start, allowing them to keep a larger portion of their profits. Working out the scaling strategy can take some time depending on your skill level, so this change would be ideal. Furthermore, while TTP provides a 24/7 chatbot, I would prefer more direct access to the customer support team. Overall, TTP is a great prop trading option with room for growth.

The Trading Pit Alternatives

You may still be not sure if this prop trading firm is right for you after hearing the pros, cons, and user reviews. Not to worry, we recommend that you investigate the following competing proprietary trading firms:

  • The Trading Pit
  • Topstep
  • Apex Trader Funding
  • Earn2Trade
  • Leeloo Trading


So, do you think you’d be a good fit for The Trading Pit? The Trading Pit’s extensive trading tools and flexible funding options make it an ideal choice whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started.

While The Trading Pit does not provide an unlimited number of financial instruments, keep an eye on this growing firm as it plans to add stock and cryptocurrency trading in the near future. By expanding into new global markets, The Trading Pit is poised for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, The Trading Pit is an excellent option for those looking to improve their trading skills and increase their financial gains in the forex and futures markets.