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Trading Insights & Analysis

Trading Basics: What it Takes to Be a Forex Trader

There are hundreds of websites that explain the fundamentals of trading so that you can get started right away. How to open a trading account, trade forex, set profit targets, and even use indicators are all covered. However, there are few articles that describe how to “become” a trader. This article will outline the traits […]


How to trade forex using the economic calendar

If you want to take your forex trading to the next level, you should start checking the economic calendar. A forex price can be influenced by a variety of economic news releases and events. These financial blockbusters can push and pull forex currency pairs and even the stock market, from the Central Bank announcing a […]


Can Forex EA Robots Trade Better Than Humans?

Computer technology is proving itself in our daily lives, from self-driving cars joining the big city taxi force to online assistants booking restaurant reservations. As a result, it should come as no surprise that powerful robots are now widely used as forex auto trading robots. What exactly is a forex robot, though? How do forex […]


How Much Money Can You Make Trading Forex in 2021?

When you consider trading Forex for a living, this is likely the first question that comes to mind. Alternatively, you could work part-time! It’s not something to be ashamed of. When I first started investing in equities in 2002, I was eager to learn how much money I could make. The problem is that it’s […]


To Become A Great Trader, You Must Avoid These 7 Trading Mistakes

So you want to make a living as a trader? To begin, you’ll need to stay away from a number of common blunders that traders frequently make. You will make mistakes as you learn to trade, but the traders who start making money are the ones who LEARN from their mistakes and figure out how […]


4 Tips On Setting Up A Forex Trading Station

Instead of passively holding the position and hoping to profit from what is happening, you should learn how to play the forex market and have a chance to make money. One of the ways to get started is by looking for an appropriate platform and set up a trading room. Select a platform that suits […]


Bitcoin Trading Essentials: What You Need to Know Before Trading Bitcoin

It seems that bitcoin’s valuation of more than $9,000 (USD) shows no sign of stopping its explosive rise. Although the level of enthusiasm for cryptoassets is at an all-time high and retail investors have been quick to put their money on the line, it’s important to be aware of some of the important things that […]


Five Reasons To Invest In Forex Trading

Across the world, investing in Forex markets has generated interest. Currency trading was traditionally a preserve for multinational corporations and investors who were well-endowed. Nevertheless, the Forex market has opened up the financial market for average investors. For multinational companies in other countries, the foreign exchange (Forex) market provides a means of doing business. This […]


Forex Leverage for Beginners: Trade at the Next Level

Whenever a forex trader or financial expert begins to clarify forex leverage for beginners, for most people, it tends to get a little too complicated. One of the most controversial instruments in the investment world is forex leverage or trade leverage, and for good reason. Leverage is often misunderstood and misused, leading to a bad […]


Why Pro Traders Don’t Like Stop Loss

Traders who want to improve their efficiency and benefit should really learn new instruments and techniques, and the Stop Loss is one common instrument that first-year traders speak about. Pro traders are split as to whether or not Stop Loss is really beneficial. Here is a rundown of the pros and cons so that you […]


Tips For Forex Trading

Forex trading is inherently risky. But only risky investments will help you earn profits. Novice traders may get lost in the jargon and snappy trading situation. Before you start trading with your real money, you should understand how to trade foreign currencies correctly. You can only learn it when you start trading and it’s best to start slow. […]


Why do I need an advisor to be successful in Forex Trading?

Forex trading (Foreign exchange), which buys one currency while selling another at the same time, has received a large number of media outlets as an attractive alternative to trading on the stock exchange. One of the reasons why Forex trading has become such a popular option is that Forex has a 24-hour market, reduced transaction fees, […]


Trade Like a Boss

Trading is something of a hobby for a lot of traders, and they approach it with the same level of disorganization as they do their stamp collection. Some hobbyists, on the other hand , take their actions seriously and act with military-like accuracy. For different types of people, both of those It could work very […]


Can You Start Trading Forex With Just $100?

Absolutely! With the introduction of micro accounts by Forex brokers several years ago, you can now open a cashless account and start trading with as little as $100. You can start Forex trading with just $100. But just because you can, doesn’t mean that you ought to. Actually, if you do, I think you’re going […]


5 Essential Traits Every Trader Needs

We are firm believers here at that skilled traders are not born, they are trained, which is why we emphasise the provision of a wide range of free educational resources to begin your trading journey on the right foot. However, it is incredibly important to learn how to navigate your platform and to become […]